Affiliate Link & Creative Use Instructions

please read carefully

 Once you’ve logged into the affiliate area using your registered affiliate username and password complete the following steps:


  1. Select the product from the USArtQuest website that you want your affiliate link to go to
  2. Highlight the url
  3. Copy the url
  4. Paste the url in the ‘Page URL’ input box


chose a url for your campaign image

chosen product url


5. Name your campaign

6. Click “Generate URL” to create a custom url

You can generate and use as many campaign names as you want.


Generating a url




Copying your new url


After generating each campaign url name, copy your custom campaign url and paste it where you want to use the link.



Selecting an ad creative



Once you have generated your affiliate links, you can choose an ad creative to link to.

Link to Ad Creatives


*If you are using generated urls for your campaigns AND want to use an ad creative:


USArtQuest Affiliate Campaign url Generation 4 img

Only highlight the image part of the url when using custom generated urls for marketing

You are now on your way as a USArtQuest Affiliate Partner!