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USArtQuest 101 101™ Atrist’s Cement is a versatile, archival acrylic cement with superior adhering attributes. It dries to an opaque, matte, carvable and extremely durable finish that is resistant to water, chemicals and UV rays. 101™ Heavy dries to a very hard and sandable finish. 101™ Light has more flexibility when dry.
Suggested uses: Dimensional stenciling, stucco and fresco effects, creating textural peaks and adhering virtually any art or craft material to canvas, paper or other material or surface. TECHNICAL INFO »
101 Craze and Crackle 101™ Craze & Crackle is a permanent, archival medium made to craze or crackle nearly any semi-rigid or rigid surface. It dries to an opaque, matte, and durable finish. It may be blended with various wet or dry colorants. After drying, lines will appear as fine crazing in thin layers and crackling with thicker applications. Allowed to cure/dry naturally, 1/8″ thick will completely craze within 4 to 6 hours. Covering with any UV paint is advised to prevent eventual yellowing.TECHNICAL INFO »
Brushes Brushes – Brushes have many hair types. Sables are valuable, soft, strong, have great spring and great for watercolor painting. Bristles are stiff with “flags” which have spring and well-suited for oils and acrylics. Camel hair is made from various animal hairs and generally too fluffy or soft for detailed work. Horse hair is strong, resilient, coarse and have small pockets to carry water and color. Synthetics vary in color and quality.
Duo Adhesive Duo™ Adhesive is an acid-free, water soluble adhesive that dries to a clear, repositionable, flexible, tacky surface. Duo™ is light bodied and non-dimensional, making it an ideal choice when doing gild repair and restoration work. It is a gild sizing and can be used to apply Gildenglitz™, dry pigments, embossing powders or paper to almost any surface, including wood, paper, glass, mica, walls, fabric, etc. Because it is repositionable, Duo™ is the perfect adhesive for collage, assemblage and all paper art mock-ups! TECHNICAL INFO »
Gildenglitz Gildenglitz™ leaf is made from a combination of brass, copper and aluminum or metal alloys. Variegated leaf is made by a special process to bring out gorgeous natural colors such as magentas, coppers, blues, greens and golds. Gildenglitz™ is suitable for every level and type of gilding on virtually any surface including paper, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, glass and ceramic. It will adhere with wet or dry adhesives to flat or irregular surfaces. Ordinary objects will glow with the warmth and richness of precious metals. TECHNICAL INFO »
Jewelz Mica Pigments Jewelz™ Mica Pigments are beautiful pearlescent and metallicpigmented mica colorants, used widely in artistic and decorative applications. Either natural or synthesized, each pigment color is simultaneously reflective and refractive, causing a brilliant sparkling color. TECHNICAL INFO »
Great Tape by USAQ Great Tape™ is a clear, easy-to-use, high performance dry glue, suitable for all fine art, matting, framing, art techniques, crafting and scrapbooking. It is especially useful when a dry application of glue is preferred. Each roll will lay down 36 yards of a smooth layer of acid-free acrylic adhesive film. TECHNICAL INFO »
Mica tiles - USAQ Mica Tiles™ are smoothly transparent, flat-layered organic rocks, Mica Tiles are easily delaminated, to be re-adhered with adhesives or various hardware components. Every Tile is distinctly different from one another and packages contain several different sizes and colorations. TECHNICAL INFO »
Perfect Paper Adhesive - USAQ Perfect Paper Adhesive™ (PPA) This transparent, UV protective, acid-free, archival, non-toxic, acrylic adhesive and medium, is available in either gloss or matte, and has been extensively studio-tested on literally every type of paper, plastic, metal, wood and glass.TECHNICAL INFO »